How to find a trustworthy solar installer in Perth

newly installed solar panelsSolar is a reliable source of energy especially in places where the sunshine is sufficient. If you live in Perth, and you haven’t considered installing solar panels to take advantage of the at least 3,000 hours of sunshine yearly, then it’s time you did so. With solar panels and such sunshine records, you are guaranteed of a reliable and efficient energy throughout the year.

I’ve been using solar energy for a while, and I’ve realized the biggest challenge comes when looking for a professional solar installer. Below is my secret of finding trustworthy solar installers in Perth, to avoid random picking that might as well cost you in future in various ways.

Ask for recommendations

Never let anybody install your solar panel; personally, I took time and asked around before I made any decisions. You can always visit your friends or neighbors that are using solar. The advantage of this option is that you get to hear firsthand of their experiences and know if the installer did a perfect job.

Go online

With the availability of internet technology, you can never be short of options. There are plenty of solar installer companies in Perth, most of them with an online presence. But with the variety of options online, it can be very challenging for one to choose the best. Here are some factors to consider that will help you out.

  • Reviews –reviews will always give you more information about a particular company. Find comparison sites for such reviews.
  • Professionalism – always check for the installer’s qualifications.
  • Testimonials – from the company’s website you can find testimonies from other clients that can help you make a decision.

Finding someone trustworthy to install solar is quite simple if you can follow the above advice. In another case, you can get a trustworthy guy from the place you purchase the solar equipment.