Commercial Solar On The Gold Coast – What you need to know

Gold Coast’s climate and geographical condition is favorable for installation of solar panels to harness the abundant solar energy. Solar energy is known for its cost efficiency and environmental friendliness. Using solar energy within Gold Coast is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I feel proud of conserving the environment and I appreciate the cost of energy through this system. However, there are a number of insights that one needs to know with regards to commercial solar systems especially when installed in Gold Coast.

All I needed was 100sq feet of unshaded roof space to have my solar panels installed. You need to assess the available unshaded roof space within your home. The roof has to be in good condition and the angle should be right. This is easy and common for most roofs. The next step is selecting the ideal sola panel that will work for you.

There are three main types within Gold Coast. There is the monocrystalline, the polycrystalline and the thin film. I chose the polycrystalline because it balances the features desirable for a solar panel. The cost per watt of the panel is average. It is not the cheapest nor the most expensive.

The panel has a moderate energy per sq feet. Among the three options, it is the second with regards to the energy per sq feet. Its lifespan is high. Basically, the key features that you should consider when selecting a solar panel is the cost per watt, the energy per sq and the lifespan. These essential issues influence the general performance of the panel.

You can consider leasing or buying. However, buying is better especially if you are getting a solar panel that has a high lifespan. After all, you will always need energy. However, it is important to get an expert to do the installation of commercial solar on the Gold Coast. With professionals, you will get more insight on solar panels and energy.