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CharlotteHey there! My name is Charlotte Jones and I’m originally from Houston, Texas but currently living in San Jose, California. If you think my blog is so successful that it allowed me to quit the rat race and work from home, then I have to tell you that’s only a dream of mine but I’m still working 9-5 in the office and so this blog is more or less a hobby of mine (for now).

I created CharlotteLakeWylieHomes.com so I can share my experiences in home repair of all kind. And hopefully some of my advice is useful for you so you can try it out the next time your solar panel is broken or the garage door doesn’t close properly.

A lot of people just call the technician when they have a problem instead of attempting to repair it themselves. I think there’s nothing wrong about that as long as the problem isn’t too big and complicated. For the smaller issues, I will show you some easy fixes but if you are looking at some serious damage, then I share my advice on which repair companies you can rely on. I’ve got a lot of friends who share their experiences with me and so I think the businesses I mention on the site are trustworthy and charge reasonable prices.

Ok so I think you pretty much know something about myself, why I started this blog and what I’m trying to do with it… So, let me say I hope you enjoy my articles and if you want to get in touch with me, below this text is a contact form that you can use. Don’t be shy! Just write me a message, click send and I will be happy to read about your thoughts, ideas and questions. I will definitely write back to you asap!

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